Carole Waddle


From a very early age (around 11yrs) Carole made her own clothes and occasionally tackled a little bit of embroidery, usually on a transfer print from ‘Woman’ magazine.

It wasn’t until she took City & Guilds in Creative Embroidery at the London College of Fashion, that her eyes were opened to the much wider world of stitched textiles and mixed media.  Here she indulged in all kinds of new techniques discovering what appealed and excited her.

Life after City & Guilds carried on with helping to form the Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group, then later, joined Textile Expressions and the New Embroidery Group.  These three groups have given her the impetus to carry on exploring, experimenting and creating work both for herself and for exhibitions.

Carole is fascinated by today’s modern organic architecture, yet loves the natural beauty and solitude of the landscape and mountainous regions.  Having hiked extensively in the UK, and the National Parks of SW America where she was drawn to the grandeur and colour of its canyons, rock strata and a past human presence.  This took the form of rock art, artefacts and cave dwellings of the people who once inhabited the canyons.  She has a wealth of imagery which she can draw upon for her work.

Photography is usually her starting point, then drawing from which to develop ideas.  Her work ranges from felt hangings and 3D vessels, experimental tapestry weaving, hand/machine stitching to beading and wire-work.  She often combines different techniques/media to create sculptural 3D pieces or as a textural base to stitch into.  Currently, Carole is attending the Committed to Cloth studio where she can paint, dye and print fabric, which gives her the opportunity to create her own fabrics to work with.  To broaden her artistic skills, she participates in an advanced Design course led by John Allen.

She is a member of the International Feltmakers Association; a life member of the Embroiderers’ Guild and a member of the Kingston and District branch where she once held the post of Chairman.  She enjoys exhibiting her work which has found its way into private collections both here and abroad.  Carole delights in giving talks and running workshops for various groups, to pass on her love of the art of embroidery and the journeys she has made over the years.


1989/92 … City & Guilds – Embroidery Parts 1 & 2 (distinction) – London College of Fashion
1992 … Open College of the Arts course in ‘Art and Design’


Embroiderers’ Guild
Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group (PCTG)
Textile Expressions
New Embroidery Group (NEG)
International Feltmakers Association


2014 … ‘Threads of Conversation’, PCTG – Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
2014 … ‘The Point of the Needle’, NEG – Hall Place, Kent / Oxmarket Arts Centre, Chichester, West Sussex
2012 … ‘Touching the Earth’ NEG – Knitting & Stitching Show, London / Harrogate
2012 … ‘Between Cloth and a Hard Place’, ‘4 x 4’ – Menier Gallery, London / Knitting & Stitching Show, London
2011 … Textile Expressions – Knitting & Stitching Show, London / Harrogate
2011 … ‘Old World, New Eyes’ PCTG – Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
2010 … ‘Letters’, NEG – Greenstede Gallery, Chequer Mead, East Grinstead, Surrey
2009 … ‘Concrete, Steel, Cloth’, PCTG – Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
2009 … Opening exhibition – Bank Gallery, Chobham, Surrey
2005/8 …. ‘4 x 4’ – Menier Gallery, London
2007 … ‘Women by Women’, PCTG – Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
2006 … ‘Feltscapes’ – Deiglan Gallery, Akureyri, Iceland
2006 … NEG – Waterloo Gallery, London
2004 … ‘Unframed’, NEG – Hall Place, Bexley, Kent
2000/1/2/4 … Tapestry – Open House – Brighton Arts Festival, Sussex
1994/4 … ‘The Riches of Stitches’ (EG Members) – Collins Gallery, Glasgow
2003 … ‘Fragments’, PCTG – Kingston Museum Art Gallery, Surrey
2002 … ‘Dreamweavers’ – Orleans House Gallery, London
2002 … ‘4 x 4’ (Touring) – Mall Galleries, London / Knitting & Stitching Show, London & Harrogate / Madeira Show, Harrogate
2001 … ‘Woven Threads’ – Worthing Museum & Art Gallery, Sussex
2001 … New Embroidery Group – Museum of Garden History, London
2001 … National Trust Conference – Bath, Somerset
2000 … ‘Structures & Constructions’, PCTG – Kingston Museum Art Gallery, Surrey
1998 … ‘Journeys’, PCTG – Kingston Museum Art Gallery, Surrey / Muni Arts Centre, Wales
1995 … ‘Elements’, PCTG – Kingston Museum Art Gallery, Surrey
1993 … ‘Fusions’ – Long Gallery – Chelsea Old Town Hall
1992/3 … Madeira – Craft, Embroidery & Fashion – Harrogate
1992 … London College of Fashion – Butler’s Wharf, London
1991/2 …Knitting & Stitching Show – Alexandra Palace, London / Harrogate Exhibits regularly with Textile Expressions / Kingston & District Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild / ‘Embroidery’ at Ramster, Surrey

published work

‘Inspired to Stitch’ by Wendy Lees,  ‘New Stitches’ magazine (Beadwork article-Jun ‘98), ‘Feltmatters’ magazine (March 2011)

talks & workshops

Talks – ‘Art on the Rocks’, ‘Voyages of Discovery’, ‘Design is not a naughty word’
Workshops – Tapestry Weaving / Felt / Copper Foil & Wires / Beading 3D / Paint & Stitch Paper / Colour and Design


Tel:  020 8399 8983