Maggie Barber


Maggie’s love affair with fabric and colour began as a child watching her mother making clothes for the children. She taught her to sew carefully and creatively, wasting nothing. Quilt making and Textile Art has provided Maggie with a canvas and unlimited palette of texture and colour. A tiny detail or mark; a word or phrase; calligraphy and text are frequent sources of inspiration for her. Maggie’s ideas evolve from experimental multimedia mark making and colour exercises. She likes to work in series; one piece inspiring the next. The excitement of exploring the “what ifs” weave and connect the piece as it evolves. Colour and stitch by hand and machine define her work.


2008-11 … Dip H.E. Stitched Textiles – East Berkshire College
1997-02 … City & Guilds – Patchwork and Quilting Parts 1 & 2 – East Berkshire College


Wimbledon International Quilters
Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group

Exhibitions and Awards

2017 … Zero3- Henley on Thames UK
2017 … Zero3- Showcase Exhibition Festival of Quilts NEC Birmingham UK
2017 … Zero3 -Le Carrefour Europe en du Patchwork, Alsace, France
2015 … Festival of Quilts -NEC Birmingham UK (3rd place Contemporary Quilt Category).
2014 … Festival of Quilts NEC Birmingham UK
2014 … Phoenix -Threads of Conversation UK
2013 … Festival of Quilts – NEC, Birmingham: (2nd place-Contemporary Quilts category
2011 … Festival of Quilts – NEC, Birmingham: (3rd place-Art Quilt category)
2007 … Festival of Quilts – NEC, Birmingham: (Winner-Contemporary Small Quilts & Machine Quilting)
2003/4/6….. Festival of Quilts – NEC, Birmingham: (Jury selected-2003/4)
2005 … Festival of Quilts – NEC, Birmingham: (Winner-Amateur Award Contemporary Small)
2008 … ‘Journey from Bed to Wall’, Quilts in Time – St Anthony’s Hall, York
2006 … Waterloo County & Area Quilts Festival – Ontario, Canada
2006 … World Quilt Competition – USA (Jury selected)
2004 … American Quilter’s Society Show – Paducah, USA (semi finalist)
2001-4……. Quilt – NEC, Birmingham (Jury selected 2001/2/4)
2003 … City & Guilds Silver Medal for Excellence for Patchwork & Quilting, Part 2
2002 … American Quilter’s Society Show – Nashville, USA (1st place in category)
2000 … European Quilt Expo – Eindhoven, Netherlands
1997/8……. National Patchwork Championships – Ascot, Berkshire (Merit award)

Published work

‘Connecting Design to Stitch’ by Sandra Meech (2012)
‘Quilting Basics’ by Celia Eddy (2003)
‘Really Sharp Piecing’ by Barbara Barber (1997)
Show and Tell – Celebrating the Collections of the Greg Museum of Art and Design, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Journals & Catalogues: 
‘Quilts in Time, from Bed to Wall’ catalogue (2008)
AQS catalogue od Show Quilts (2004)
Quilt 2000 series catalogues (2001-4)
The Quilter, Journal No. 94 (Spring 2003)
American Quilter (Winter 2003)
Popular Patchwork (Jan/Jun 2002)

Work Sold

Much of Maggie’s work has been sold in the UK, Europe and the USA. She has work on permanent exhibition in North Carolina.


Tel: 07885165153