“Home” in detail continued

Our final four artists reveal some fascinating insight into their contribution to our group project.

During lockdown, my home became a place of sanctuary and spirituality. I was and remain privileged to have the space for quiet contemplation and reflection.  In addition, the daily walks with my husband provided rich inspiration in the foliage from giant oaks to shrubbery, and offcuts from recent tree felling. Free machine embroidery allowed me to interpreted my response.

Also, the quietude and renewed freshness of the air supported my appliquéd interpretation of the spiritual feelings I took from this extraordinary experience.

Joan Glasgow

I found Lockdown 2020 a difficult time, my day job went online over night and I found I was working on the laptop for 8-9 hours and using my creative space as my office. I still haven’t been back into that space to work creatively!

When it became mandatory to wear face masks I made a variety for friends and family through the @bigcommunitysew challenge. I was left with a bag of scraps and mulled over what to do with them when as a group we decided to set ourselves the ‘Home’ challenge.

During the summer I was lucky enough to spend a week at fellow Phoenix member Jude’s house where we explored indigo dyeing. This was a fabulously rejuvenating time for me creatively so I have incorporated some of that fabric into my piece.  Collating the fabrics together was inspired by a trip to the Turner Contemporary in Margate and seeing the Gees Bend quilts.

It is my intention now to spend some time slow stitching my fabrics – no plan just stitch.

I’m back at work now and some slow stitch in an evening will help to unwind and hopefully encourage my creativity to return.

Samantha Jones

I settled in to my new home after a chaotic move at the start of lockdown.  The spring and summer flowering in the new garden was a continuing delight and hope during this extraordinary time.

Robertta McPherson

Home for me during lockdown was being cooped up in an urban flat, in solitary confinement. No access to human life apart from essential trips to buy food.  I read a lot, revisiting books, catching up on BBC iPlayer, and endless sudoku.

Relief came when we were allowed to venture further afield. I planned visits to NT venues, the London wetland centre and nearby Painshill park. These were my salvation as they allowed me to enjoy the open countryside, the peace and quiet of being in the open air and lots of walking.

I started to sketch and paint, something I had not done for a long time, time to lose myself and feel part of nature.

Carole Waddle

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