Bank Gallery 27 April – 9 May 2010

Featuring THE ALTON ESTATE Project.


A bit about how we came to do the Alton Estate Project…

Taking a 1960s design icon that appears to have been criticised as much as it has been admired, seemed like a good way for Phoenix to pursue a collective project that has culminated in an exciting piece of textile art. Phoenix meet very close to the Alton Estate, a celebrated example of 1960s Modernist housing design and we have spent time visiting the site to think about our divergent responses to the buildings: Are these concrete slabs a brave and majestic answer to a housing need or are they a bit too uncompromising and out of scale for human experience?

Find out how we have generated work together and how these experiments have culminated in a striking wall hanging that celebrates the confidence of 1960s social policy. Our sketchbooks and experiments will be available for handling and there will always be a member of the group on hand to chat about this exciting theme. Members have also produced a personal piece of work in response to the Alton Estate to contrast with our collective response.


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