Artists’ Tools: Part 4

Our fourth and final part in this series on artists’ tools explores the potential for making our own tools to fit a purpose or explore artistic potential, which makes for an exciting, ¬†productive and engaging way of connecting with the finished piece.

We will also show you the fun some of us have had making our own tools and using them for mark making.

Jo Coombes finds that her collection of household items – plastic cap, tree tie, biscuit packaging and corrugated cardboard make the most interesting marks for her when printing paper and fabric. She is always on the lookout for unusual textures and patterns. Nothing gets thrown away until she has checked its artistic potential!

On a recent seaside holiday, Maria Walker enjoyed fashioning this set of tools from objects found on the beach.

Maria has also made her own walnut ink and has been exploring the marks that she can make using it and some of her home made tools.

On a recent visit to some woodland owned by a friend, Rosaline Darby collected items to use for drawing, printing or mark-making and adapted some of them to make more effective tools.

Here are some of the marks she achieved.

We hope this has given you some inspiration and an appetite to try something new or experiment with everyday objects – the outcome may surprise and delight you!


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