Rosaline Darby


Rosaline has been a textile practitioner on one level or another for her whole life and it is firmly part of her identity. She grew up in a family where, if one wanted or needed something, the first thought would be “how can I make this?” Her female relatives were all skilled needlewomen, and she learned confidence in using woodworking and DIY tools, as well as to experiment and just have a go, from her scientist father.

Rosaline has always enjoyed drawing and was able to use this to advantage in her initial training as a zoologist. However, apart from four years’ attendance at an informal creative embroidery workshop from 1997 to 2001, and a year at a local class run by a Royal School of Needlework graduate in 1996, as well as regular attendance at day workshops run by Kingston and District Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild, she had no formal art or textiles tuition until she completed the Morley College Textiles Foundation in 2013. Since then she has continued to learn and to experiment by attending the Morley College Advanced Textiles Workshop and has attended regular life drawing classes. In many ways this lack of formal tuition has been an advantage in that she has felt free to experiment and innovate in blissful ignorance of any rules!

Inspiration for Rosaline comes from her home environment, often the things that she can see from her workroom window, and she likes to use this imagery to say something about life and the human condition.


Year … 2013 Textiles Foundation, Morley College


Embroiderers’ Guild
Phoenix Contemporary Textile Group (PCTG)
Carousel Textile Art


2018 … Contemporary Textiles Fair at The Landmark Arts Centre, Teddington
2017 … PCTG ‘Collections: a Box of Treasures’ at The Fountain Gallery, Hampton Court
2017 … ‘Bewitched Stitches’ at Kingston Museum Art Gallery
2016 … PCTG ‘Strata, a Stitched Excavation’ at The Robert Phillips Gallery, Walton-On-Thames
2016 … ‘Material Movement’ at the WAC Gallery, Waterloo
2015 …‘Carry on Stitching’ at Kingston Museum Art Gallery
2015 … Advanced Textiles Workshop Show – Morley Gallery, London
2015 … ‘Tunnel Visions’ – Barbican Library, London
2014 … ‘Feeding the Nation’, at Morden Hall Park
2014 … ‘Brixton Textiles’ at Brixton East 1871
2014 … ‘Home Front’ at The Garden Museum, Lambeth
2014 … ‘MADE: Textiles’ at Morley Gallery
2013 … ‘Archives’ at Morley Gallery
2013 … Textiles Foundation end of year show at Morley Gallery
2013 … ‘Archives’ at Braintree Museum
Exhibits regularly with the Kingston and District Branch of the Embroiderers’ Guild.


Email:    Facebook:Rosaline Darby – Textile Designs
Phone: 020 8398 1050