Sketchbooks by Joan Bingley, Lynne Butt, Jo Coombes and Linda Walsh

For many textile artists, sketchbooks are an integral part of their creative practice.  For others, it is an unrewarding and difficult challenge.

Concertina sketchbooks, however, are a fantastic way to explore themes by extending the ideas and images in a variety of art techniques and mediums, without the pressure of creating the perfect picture on the page.

Working without a clear end goal can be unnerving, but also liberating; it can throw up unexpected results and new perspectives.

Lynne, Linda and Jo found the guidance of talented artist Karen Stamper in her online workshop “Free Up Your Sketchbook and Grow” both fun and addictive.  They explored the potential of mark making, compositional stye, collage techniques and colour.

A variety of drawing and writing implements:  charcoal, pens, crayons and sticks were used along with gesso, ink, masking tape, tissue and collage paper in structured exercises designed to free up the process, resulting in interesting backgrounds to work back into with more collage, acrylic paint and mediums, also adding extra colour and marks with  stubby crayons and Posca pens.

Joan Bingley started her own book to experiment with adding colour to her theme of endangered birds.

Above Joan Glasgow offers a peak at her tentative beginning at Karen Stamper’s workshop in crayons and ink over gesso and masking tape.

Collaged brown paper, tissue and magazine papers.

Coloured wash with paint and collaged papers

Added layers of fabricant and crayon

Below are details from sketchbooks by Jo Coombes, Joan Bingley, Lynne Butt, Linda Walsh and Joan Glasgow

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