“Home” in detail continued

Our “Home” project continues with a further four of our artists giving us more information about the inspiration behind their submission.

This is a digital drawing using Apple Pencil and Procreate on iPad Pro.

Lynne Butt

Lockdown was a lonely time for many but for me, being cooped up day after day with my husband and son, with other family members and friends in anxious and distressed states and needing help and support, carving out a little peace and quiet and time to myself was important. Each evening, after the heat of the day, I would escape into the sanctuary of my garden and do a few quick doodles of the plants in a concertina book, calming and cooling down after a busy and often fraught day.

Rosaline Darby

This year’s lock down has brought lots of people closer than usual by means of telecommunication, especially friends and family who reside outside of the United Kingdom.

Marie-Ghislaine Beaucé

During this strange time of lockdown much time has been spent in the garden picking up leaves that have fallen from the HUGE holm oak tree that dominates our tiny courtyard.

I took the above photo looking up into the tree canopy, ….

changed it digitally, ……

……. printed it onto silk organza and layered the pieces and added stitch.

On the reverse some words about the tree and some, unreadable, about the sadness that has engulfed our family this year.

Linda Walsh


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