“Home” in detail

Four of our artists give some background and inspiration to their work on our latest “Home” project:


My love of calligraphy inspired this imagery. The text (unreadable I hope) expresses my life at home and how it has evolved over the thirty five years we have lived here. I spent a lot of time during lockdown reflecting on my colourful, happy home.

Maggie Barber

Jo Coombes

For me, a home is more of a feeling than a location: a place of comfort, relaxation, happiness and hospitality. A sanctuary. Somewhere to enjoy the company of family and good friends. The Italian courtyard I am creating in my new garden, will be a tranquil spot to inspire and to reflect.

Jo Coombes

During the exceptionally sunny spring weather at the time of lockdown we used our garden as an outdoor room. We appreciated the fresh air and the growing plants gave us hope for the future at a time of stress and confusion.

Kate Davis

Alison Hird-Beecroft

I collected images of my home during lockdown and collaged them and put in doors like an advent calendar, each with a hidden  “Home is where…” message about the various things there that I treasure.

Alison Hird-Beecroft

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