Whilst we have each interpreted the theme of SeenUnseen in our own personal ways, we have also carried the theme over into the layout of the exhibition as a whole.

Observant visitors who look up to the beams or down to the floor will be rewarded with hidden gems. Can you spot Rosaline Darby’s blackbirds and Maria Walker’s altered train tickets?

And pieces hanging from the ceiling work in interesting juxtaposition to those on the wall or on plinths.

Linda Walsh’s gauzy, graffiti-inspired piece, “We Are Phoenix” masks but does not obscure other pieces in the exhibition and frames a view of Alison Hird-Beecroft’s sculptural structures.

Looking through the Möbius strips made by Rosaline Darby and Joan Glasgow offers intriguing glimpses of other pieces.

The loops of Maria Walker’s paper sculpture act as viewfinders, highlighting other pieces.

Marie-Ghislaine Beauce’s large, abstract, sculptural pieces frame other people’s work and pick up colours, leading the eye around the gallery.

You can see more details and highlights of each of our artist’s work by following us on Instagram, @phoenixtextiles.

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